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U Create offers a great choice or creative classes, if you wish to book please just contact us.

The U Create Students have won awards across International, Regional and Interstate Awards.

The U Create Club is our flagship after school art program that provides a full integrated visual art curriculum supporting national primary standards and offers a little bit of everything through the term; drawing painting, 3D, 2D, Clay and collage. Each term there is a new theme and the projects all cascade from that.

The program supports the national core curriculum as we learn and discover

tone / shade / colour mixing / construction / drawing techniques and composition. 

It is open all to all primary ages not separated by ages as we believe in peer mentoring and harnessing the creative growth through group participation.

The term runs for 9 weeks and is $25 a session


The U Create Holiday Art Club offers fun, slightly more crafty and wacky projects. A chance to go wild and try new things, emphasis on fun rather than learning after all. IT IS THE HOLIDAYS!! Each holiday is different, nothing repeated so students can just try new things and enjoy new opportunities. Often the sessions are themed on "What ever is cool" - Star Wars / Among Us / Harry Potter. 

Please visit our Holiday Art Club page for dates, times and costs. 

U Create Explore & More is the preschool and Kindy program. This is delivered at Kindergartens and play groups.  It offers variety and flexibility with the opportunity to explore a different materials which they might not yet have discovered; Clay, charcoal, paint, wire and 3D modelling all to support learning and explorations.

 The class is focused on creating a special time for the parent and carers mixed with introductory art education, sensory exploration with a whole load of FUN

U Create Just Draw is the weekly drawing club always full of budding artists that want to focus on improving the techniques of drawing, shade, tone and structure. Its offers a level of freedom as the students run a self initiated program. They draw what they want essentially and we guide them with composition, layout, technique, mark making and exploring new materials. We have animals, faces, landscapes and even graffiti art at the go at any one time so its heaps of fun inspiring each other.

U Create has 6 iPads for the students to use for reference and research, a light box for tracing, a projector and a variety of quality materials.

The term runs for 9 weeks and is $20 a session.

U Create Teens aims to support a more self initated journey. Supporting their Visual Art development at High School, embracing their individual choices with guidance and support. There is Craft for Teenagers in the holidays, 1-2-1 Tutoring and portfolio development and a Home school group.

The term runs for 9 weeks and is $25 a session

U Create also offers wonderful arty parties at The U Create Studio or at your own location. These are tailored to YOUR CHILDS NEEDS and just like all the other programs are wacky, unique and a little bit different. At the studio we set up party lights, dress up box, food and present table, an interactive art gallery..... and we then do the art activities.

$28 Per Child 

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