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Artist in Residency Program – A little bit different!

U Create offers an exciting tailored made Artist in residency (AIR) program for your Kindergarten. We recognise that each Kindy has a different set of needs, diverse social demographics and has unique educational requirements. So, our moto is one size does NOT fit all. We work with you and your team of educators to come up with an exciting, engaging and FUN creative arts program that delivers quality above and beyond.

The Program

U Create will tailor make your program to suit your learning objectives, themes, or venue requirements.

Maybe you would like some outdoor art created?

A collaborative mural?

Or would like a weekly visit to create a body of amazing work to host a fundraising art show.

The AIR program offers variety and flexibility with the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums, such as clay, charcoal, paint, wire and 3D modelling to support learning and explorations.

Our unique art curriculum allows children to explore varying methods of self-expression, communication and interpretation, as well as promoting creativity, empathy, understanding and physical dexterity.

Why is art so important at Kindy?


Art is a great medium for children to express their thinking and represent their unique ideas that they may not be able to verbalise. 

Through the AIR program the children are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a professional artist.  The art specialist encourages each child to explore different textile mediums as they extend their learning about our environment. By working in this way over several weeks, they will have the opportunity to more fully explore the creative processes. 

The Artist helps the children in small groups, they are coached to manipulate a paintbrush, pencils, scissors and other equipment which improves the fine motor skills. By counting pieces, sorting shapes and colours, they practice and learn the basics of math and when children experiment with materials, mix, stir, sculpt and build they dabble in fundaments of science. Most important perhaps, when kids feel good while they are creating it helps boost self-confidence in a socially engaging way.

We want to make Art affordable and accessible and aim to keep the cost to a minimum. At most Kindy’s this program is paid for by the parents as an extra Incursion to the offered program. This is an accepted protocol and for the cost they receive.

  • AIR Attend the Kindy for 1 hour a week

  • Set up in an agreed area and take groups of 5 & 6 kids at a time for the art activity.

  • Using the art materials, paints and resources of the Kindy

  • Term 1 – U Create starts in week 5 after the settling period

  • Term 2 & 3 – Full 10-week terms

  • Term 4 – Art show


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